Engelse kerstgedichten 2

Gedachten-gedichten heeft een speciale sectie met Engelstalige kerstgedichten voor u opgezet, mooie, korte, maar ook christelijke kerstgedichtjes. Binnen deze afdeling zijn dus alleen kerstgedichten in de Engelse taal te vinden, christelijke kerstgedichten, kerstgroeten en kerstwensen. Nederlandse kerstgedichten kunt u vinden op deze pagina. Engelse gedichtjes over en voor kerst, bijvoorbeeld wanneer u iemand een gedicht wilt geven/schrijven die de Nederlandse taal niet machtig is. Happy Christmas!

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Christmas is the season of believe
what you gave, you will receive

So I'm offering this simple phrase
to "kids" from 1 to 92
although it's been said
many times, may ways:
Merry Christmas to you

A Merry Christmas to all
We sure hope you'll have a ball
Hope to see you next year
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

A Merry Christmas to you
With all your friends around you too
Hope to see you next year
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

May the music of life come to meet you
May the wind give you nothing to fear
May the sun shine warmly upon you
May the Great Spirit bless you this year

May your Christmas be happy
and right from the start
May the new year bring all
that is dear to your heart

The child is King
the carolers sing
the old is past
there's a new beginning
dreams of Santa, dreams of snow
fingers frozen, faces glow

It's Christmas time
with mistletoe and wine
children singing
Christy and rine
with blocks on the fire
gifts under the tree
a time to rejoin in the good that we see

This comes to wish you
A Christmas day that brings
Favorite dreams, fond memories
And many happy things

Why can't every day be like Christmas
Why can't this feeling stay and glow on
For if everyday could be just like Christmas
What a wonderful world this would be

Put up your mistletoe
And string up the holy
Spread the festive spirit
It's the season to be jolly

We want to wish you a Christmas
filled with wishes come true, and
a whole year ahead that brings
the very best of life to you!

We wish you weren't miles and miles away
but you should know that you'll be here
in our hearts for the holidays
and all through the coming year

There's more, much more to Christmas
Than candle-light and cheer
It's the spirit of sweet friendship
That brightens all the year
It's thoughtfulness and kindness
It's hope reborn again
For peace, for understanding
And for goodwill to men

A wonderful Christmas, especially for you...
... because of all the things you do!

As a brand new year dawns on you
Here's wishing it is filled with...
Hopes, dreams and happiness anew
A year filled with sunshine, laughter and love
A year showered with blessings from above!

A warm cosy fire
on a cold winter's night
The tree casts it's rainbows
from it's many twinkling lights
Asleep are the children
snuggled under their quilts
While Santa finds his cookies
and a frosty glass of milk
Such wonderful memories
to hold so dear
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Whatever else may be lost among the years
Let us keep Christmas still a shining thing
Whatever doubts assail us, or what fears
Let us hold close one day, remembering
It's poignant meaning for the hearts of men
Let us get back our childlike faith again

Old friends, new friends
home with the family
we'll all be together for Christmas
snowflakes, sleighbells
bringing back memories
let this feeling stay
hoping we'll all be with each other
together on Christmas day

It's Christmas, it's Christmas
Each merry bell chimes
A time for remembering
Old friends and old times
A time for warm greetings
Old ties to renew
And a time for good wishes
For good folks like you

- ingezonden door Jeannette Ringenaldus -

Here's to the bright New Year
and a fond farewell to the old
Here's to the things that are yet to come
and the memories that we hold

From January 1st
to the end of December
Here's wishing you a year
to enjoy and remember!

It's the time of Christmas
and beneath the tall tree
toy soldiers are celebrating
and marching with glee
For Christmas is coming
tomorrow's the day
so awake with a smile
Christmas joy's on the way

At the dawn of the new Century
There's a sun that's shining just for you
To brighten every day
And light up your way
Into the New Millennium!
Happy New Year!

You're thought about
so often through the year
But especially remembered
when Christmas time is here

- ingezonden door San Nevelsteen -

Wishing you
Twinkeling joys
Magical moments...
... and very special
Christmas dreams come true

My Christmas wish
I send to you
May you be happy
Through and through

Wishing you a Christmas
that's bright with joy and cheer
And memory making moments
that will warm your heart all year

Ring out, wild bells
to the wild sky
Ring out the old ring
in the new Ring, Happy Bells
across the snow!
The year is going,
let it go!

- ingezonden door San Nevelsteen-

I wish you the joy of Christmas
The spirit's sweet repose
I wish you the peace of Christmas
To mark the old year's close
I wish you the hope of Christmas
To cheer you on your way
And a heart of faith and gladness
To face each coming day