Liefdesgedicht : 'The wind blows through your hair'

The wind blows through your hair
It seems you're having fun
Although the wind teases you everywhere
You just enjoy it like the sun

The sun shines all over your skin
It looks likes it's doing you good
Although the sun embraces you like a spin
You're just in a tender mood

The mood you're in is breathless
Like you're expecting something soon
Perhaps something like happiness
Look up, it's written in the moon

The moon lights you up all night
Stars are coming from above
Both taking care of you, oh so tight
Just as I give you all my love

My love surrounds you, caring all day
Like a tulip, a rose or an orchidee
I respect you in such a descend way
Yes, the one who loves you is ME !!

- Erwin Boussery; ingezonden door Ingrid -

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